Premier HeatFix specialise in rapid central heating, underfloor heating and boiler installations at fixed prices. We can repair, replace or upgrade your gas boilers and hot water systems. We can supply and install new high efficiency boilers, cylinders, solar water systems and heating systems.

Using our fleet of fully stocked and equipped installation vehicles we are able to rapidly replace a boiler the next day or install a full central heating system within 3 days.

All of our services:

Central Heating

Premier HeatFix offers a comprehensive and competitive installation service for gas central heating, to help keep you and your home warm. We can also help if you want to replace your existing gas central heating system because it is inefficient, noisy, and expensive to run.

We will work with you to make sure that you get the right gas central heating system for your home, recommending Heating Components, with a proven track record of reliability to ensure that you get a reliable installation.

We can arrange for one of our technical surveyors to visit your home and carry out a survey which takes into consideration your individual needs. Our technical surveyor will send you a detailed estimate, tailored, specifically, to your home and requirements.

You can be confident our technical surveyors are not salesmen as employed by other companies. Our technical surveyors have a wealth of experience and you can be assured of dealing with a company whose understanding of Gas Heating Systems has been built up over many years.

Installations & Design
Central heating system installations typically involve a new high efficiency boiler, new efficiency radiators, new heating controls and pipe work;
Boiler installations can vary greatly between the different types and makes of boilers and the unique requirement in each property.

As an example we have drawn up this high level check list for a supply and installation of a typical central heating system with any boiler:
  • Drain and remove old boiler (if exists)
  • Install new any make of boiler (including flue)
  • Connect flow and return pipe-work to the boiler but isolate boiler
  • power flush system-pipework and old radiators if staying
  • Connect water pipes (hot and cold) between the boiler and the taps
  • Replace heating radiators and valves -radiant foil fitted behind on demand
  • Connect pipe work to  TRVs and valves of radiators
  • Install controls (timers, room thermostat)
  • Put inhibitor into the system to inhibit any scale build up
  • Test the system under pressure
  • Notify Gas Safe (formerly Corgi) and issue all required certificates
  • Clean all rubbish and leave the property tidy
Problems & Repairs

It's unnerving when your central heating starts making funny noises and even more worrying when it stops working completely. But don't worry as here at Premier HeatFix we have put together a quick and easy guide to common central heating problems and how to deal with them.


Boiler Installations within M25 and Herts, Bucks and.......

Premier HeatFix is a fast and friendly gas boiler installation business giving you good customer support. Ring for informal advice.

As 'Ecotechnicians' we are in touch with the best Heating Installers in London.

Our business is to install modern energy saving gas condensing, high efficiency boilers, specialising in domestic gas boiler replacements and renewal systems. Premier HeatFix is a Gas Safe Register registered Central Heating and Plumbing business based in London.

(The new Gas Safe Register has replaced Corgi as of 01.04.2009 to deal with gas registration: visit for more information.)

We always have special offers to ANY MAKE of  gas boilers using our trade discount for YOU, why? because we want you to save money and care you and your family, friends as a family members. You are very important to us.

REMEMBER, you are special to us!!!


In an unvented system, incoming cold mains water typically enters a pressure vessel (for example: a Megaflo made by Heatrae Sadia) where it is heated either directly by means of electrical heater/s, or Indirectly by means of a primary heat exchanger within the vessel being supplied by your central heating boiler.

The hot water stored within the vessel  is forced out by the incoming cold water when you open a tap hence - Mains Pressure Hot Water.

Service & Repairs
Premier HeatFix offers quick response emergency  boiler repair and service within M25 and Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire with no call out charge.

Our fully insured and accredited boiler repair specialists are Gas Safe approved and able to offer you a high level of service in the fastest time possible.

If you need an emergency boiler repair or service-give us a call -  075 30 850 850

We can be at any address same day (depends of weather conditions) to make the essential repairs you need and prevent further damage to your property from your boiler breakdown.

The boiler repairs & servicing that we carry out comes fully guaranteed to provide a trusted service that you would  expect from professional gas engineers like we are.

Hot Water:

Hot Water Cylinders
Most modern cylinders come with foam lagging bonded on to the outside of the cylinder. This is an extremely efficient insulator and will keep the water hot for a long time. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes to suit the space available, but the capacity of the cylinder is important. There are lots of different types of cylinder available, all of which basically store and supply hot water, but in different ways.
Hot Water FOR FREE - Please Ask for a Quote


Underfloor Heating
General facts on radiant heating and cooling

Underfloor heating is an invisible and silent method of improving our level of thermal comfort. Thermal comfort can be described as the point at which the human body feels at ease and comfortable with the surrounding environment.

There are many factors that influence the way people feel the temperature, such as direct sunshine, humidity, draught and how evenly the temperature is distributed. With underfloor radiant heating the feeling of thermal comfort can be increased, as the temperature is stable and there is no draught. As well as benefiting from increased comfort and reduced running costs installing a Uponor underfloor heating solution adds to the safety, attractiveness and value of the house itself.

Uponor are the innovators in radiant heating and offer solutions with all-plastic and with composite multi-layer pipes that add living comfort and also the value of the house itself. Our offering also includes heat pumps and systems specially designed for renovation.

Gas Safety Checks
A full Gas Safety Inspection together with a Boiler Service will ensure that your gas system is running safely and efficiently by results of having Gas Analyser Test with printout.

If you are concerned about the age and quality of your, gas appliances and pipe work contact us to provide a Safety Inspection.

This is proving increasingly popular with people who are moving houses and want to ensure that they have a safe environment to move into.

It can also be a very useful guideline before buying a property, as you will be given a report and subsequent estimate of any potential remedial work needed to upgrade to.

In 1996 the government passed law that all landlords who rent part or all of a property must have all gas pipework and appliances checked every twelve months and certified to make sure the installation meets gas safety regulations.
We are Gas Safe registered 306567 and licensed to carry out annual gas safety inspections and issue landlords gas safety certificates also known as CP12´s, on all domestic gas installations. We use the latest test equipment, combustion gas analysers, electronic gas leak detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Free ambient air CO test of all rooms containing gas appliances using state of the art testing equipment is now carried out with every certificate to give landlords and tenants alike the piece of mind that carbon monoxide levels are zero in the property.

Annual Service

Professional Annual Boiler Service

During the winter, a boiler is one thing that needs to be kept up and running at all costs. When heating problems arise, they need to be addressed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, business owners and homeowners are left dealing with cold, unheated homes and buildings.

Experienced gas engineers know how important it is to resolve these issues in timely ways
in next; if you have ever been left out in the cold – literally – then you know how critical it is to have a reliable service at the ready.

We Also Repair Boilers and Central Heating

Different kinds of equipment require different techniques. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can handle repairs on all types of heating equipment. Whether you own a Vaillant combi or a gas Biasii, Atag we can have it up and running again in no time.

Our technicians are exceptionally skilled in servicing all kinds of heat equipment; if you use an LPG unit, a high-efficiency Vaillant model or other types of equipment, you can rely on us to keep it running smoothly for many years to come. We bring reliability, dependability, experience and skill to the table with every job we do.

Annual Inspections

Many central heating problems go unnoticed until they are difficult to manage and costly to resolve. One way to minimise this issue is by having annual inspections conducted on the boilers that you own.

Our comprehensive roster of services includes yearly inspections that keep major problems to an absolute minimum. Whether you own an Remeha model, a Baxi unit, a Worcester Bosh or any other popular brand, having a skilled engineer check it out once a year can keep expensive repairs at bay.
Trusted Service Specialists

Thanks to our central location in North London, we are able to assist clients in and around the North London area in a quick, efficient way. We understand how important working heat is during cold, blustery days and nights, which is why we strive to resolve our customers’ issues quickly and expertly.

Discover the difference that having a reliable and experienced engineer on hand can make by calling us today. Our impeccable customer service and unbeatable service capabilities - along with a top notch preventive maintenance servicing is sure to impress. With our help, you’ll never have to put up with the freezing conditions again!

CALL NOW FOR SERVICE ON: 075 30 850 850
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